Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Growth and Flower Yield of Jasmine | Abstract
Journal of Horticulture

Journal of Horticulture
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Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Growth and Flower Yield of Jasmine

Chandra Sekhar,Saravanan S

A study was conducted in Floriculture Unit of the Department of Horticulture, Naini Agriculture Institute, SHUATS, Prayagraj during 2019-20 to evaluate the growth, flowering and yield of Jasminum nitidum CO-1(Star Jasmine) with the effects of four growth regulators namely Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), Gibberellic acid (GA3), Cycocel and Maleic hydrazide (MH) each at 3 concentrations. The experiment comprised of 13 treatments, T1- Control(water spray), T2-NAA(25ppm), T3-NAA(50ppm), T4-NAA (75 ppm), T5-GA3 (25ppm), T6-GA3 (50ppm), T7-GA3 (75ppm), T8-CCC (500ppm), T9-CCC (750ppm), T10-CCC (1000ppm), T11-MH (100ppm), T12-MH (200ppm), T13-MH(250ppm), and was laid out in Randomized Block Design and replicated thrice. The results were revealed that plant height with 80cm was superior at GA3 75ppm concentration over rest of the treatments. Cycocel at 750ppm and MH at 250ppm were equally effective in increasing the plant spread in N-S (47.7cm) and E-W (46.3 cm) and closely followed by NAA at 75ppm (47.7 cm and 41.7 cm). MH at 250 ppm increased number of primary branches per plant (5.7) followed by NAA at 75 ppm. MH at 200 ppm significantly increased secondary branches per plant (11.3) followed by GA3 at 75 ppm. Cycocel at 1000 ppm induced early flowering (78.67 days) followed by GA3 at 75 ppm and MH at 250 ppm with 80 days.MH significantly increased flower yield (2.03kg/plant/year) at 250ppm.Based on these studies, it can be recommended that primary branches and flower yield can be increased by spraying of MH at 250ppm in Jasmine CO-1(star jasmine).

Published Date: 2021-02-23; Received Date: 2021-02-02