Editorial note on Human Health and safety of Ergonomics | Abstract
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Journal of Ergonomics
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Editorial note on Human Health and safety of Ergonomics

Alikesh P da Deksha

"Ergonomics is the logical control worried about the comprehension of connections among people and different components of a framework, and the calling that applies hypothesis, standards, information and strategies to plan to upgrade human prosperity and in general framework execution." International Ergonomics Association The terms 'ergonomics' and 'human variables' can be utilized reciprocally, despite the fact that 'ergonomics' is regularly utilized comparable to the actual parts of the climate, for example, workstations and control boards, while 'human elements' is frequently utilized corresponding to more extensive framework in which individuals work. On this site we by and large utilize the term that fits most intimately with the examination or the business that we are talking about.

Published Date: 2021-02-26; Received Date: 2021-02-05