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Journal of Horticulture
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Economic Analysis of Citrus (Kinnow mandarin) during On-Year and Off-Year in the Punjab Province, Pakistan

Rab Nawaz, Nadeem Akhtar Abbasi, Ishfaq Ahmad Hafiz, Azeem Khalid and Touqeer Ahmad

Being a perennial crop, citrus is mostly grown in sub-tropical region of the world and in Pakistan it ranks first among fruits in area and production and the Punjab province contribution is 95 percent in area with same level of production. Alternate or biennial bearing is production of heavy and light crops in successive years and most of fruits including citrus are affected by it. The present study was conduct on economic analysis of citrus during on year and off-year in three districts of the Punjab province Pakistan. More alternate bearing was observed in Vehari and TTS districts due to late harvesting. Alternate bearing was observed less in Sargodha due to timely harvesting of Kinnow fruit for export. In Vehari and TTS harvesting linked with domestic markets and was done late than Sargodha. Fruit grades prices were recorded higher in off-year during all harvesting months while fruit availability for export also affected by biennial bearing. During off-year more income from orchards were reduced in Vehari and TTS than Sargodha. The complete randomized block design (RCBD) was used in filed study and a survey of farmers, local markets and exporters was performed to analyze it impact on citrus industry.