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East-west-Monitoring: What is the Relation between the "Water" - "Fire" Axis of the "Bagua" and Long-Range Coherence Effects in Biological Systems?

Fromknecht Rainer

The focus of this work is to consider some properties of water via an East-West-Monitoring where the statements of the Daoistic way of thinking, especially the I Ging with the 64 hexagrams, with the new results of Western Science, referring to animate biological systems. In the Daoistic way of thinking the oneness, brings out the Yin and Yang that further creates all the things. Two trigrams are combined, representing the inner and outer Bagua, and the whole is called Hexagram, while 64 hexagrams is the basis of the I Ging. Those 64 Hexagrams can further separated in “early and late heaven” via the Bagua by trigrams, or split into 32 Hexagrams, representing the wheel of live. In the Daoistic way of thinking, eight trigrams represent the Bagua by their encoding and allocated by a metaphoric description, which can be at least partially transformed in a physical meaning as well. In combining them with the “mystery” of Latin squares offers new perspectives, e.g., in ordering the periodic system basing on protons, which might be a fractional code further. In western science philosophy, the ontological and epistemological level could be considered as an equivalent. While on the ontological level, a physical prediction is made of the whole world and on the epistemological one, the material world is described. The Daoistic way of thinking and the peering results in physics in Western, considering the interpretation of the quantum field theory by Bohm, Heim and the string theory by Susskind or the Randall-Sundrum models are compared respectively. In string theory, a supersymmetry is assumed and by broken symmetry the observable things are created, which obey the known physical laws in our world. It is speculated that the “string theory” with hidden layer of physical laws that goes by now beyond quantum mechanics - and herein, some “customized agreements” have been made to obtain the upright “Denkgebäude” in a conservative scientific view - could be a combination of the early and late heaven according to the Daoistic way of thinking. The scientific investigations of the medium water conclude on the ontological level, “Life is more than water”. Therefore, in animate matter the nervous system demands a basic “simple”, low energy level constructed highly redundant rapid communication system (HRRCS) with an also high flexibility and manipulability. Such a system could be realized via the body-water and the extracellular matrix (ECM). Recent results concluded that the behavior of the body-water on both sides of cell membranes plays a specific role while a good observable parameter might be the pHvalue of them, which differs much from the pH-value of the blood one. Considering the Hyaluronic acid in the human body, which is widely distributed throughout the soft connection tissue, epithelial and neural tissue, could support such a system in physiological terms. By using the Yin-Yang theory considering also the phases of changes, the “waterphase” possesses the properties of passivity, structure and regeneration and seems a sound assumption as a working hypothesis for this attempt of comparative scientific study. Water by all it properties should be the interconnecting medium in biological systems that can be easily manipulated, e.g., via electromagnetic fields and mental force. Longrange coherent electromagnetic phenomena could establish a hologram in biological systems. This could be a hint for the many somatotopic areas/points as conduits in Chinese Medicine and the swirls in the Vedic theory, a bodyinformation system. Performed experiments in biological systems show similarities with the full detail investigated superconducting circuits using solid-state bodies where the function taking advantage of the AC and DC Josephson effects.