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Domestic Actors in Energy Governance System: A Case Study of India and China

Sachna Arora

Energy is the material basis of life. Very few countries are self-sufficient in energy. The rest have to import energy to meet their survival and economic needs, making them dependent on other nations and endangering their national security in times of disruption of energy supplies. Integrating energy concerns with climate change policies has been the central focus of the international negotiations for India and China. The whole debate on climate change misses the point that international agreements influence domestic actions in countries, even against the grain of domestic politics. The drive for change in energy system will come from the domestic politics in country after country, but the international process can amplify and provide leverage for these domestic actors. What are these domestic factors and forces? In what manner, and to what extent, do they influence the policy decisions being taken? These are questions that need to be answered, especially in the case of India and China.

Published Date: 2019-06-06; Received Date: 2018-12-13