Digitalized Assessment of PES/WES in Young Adults | Abstract
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Journal of Research and Development
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Digitalized Assessment of PES/WES in Young Adults

Veber Luiz Bomfim Azevedo, Oswaldo S de Andrade and Frederico Augusto Peixoto Silva

Objective: Evaluate the PES/WES found in natural dentition in young adults. Materials and methods: Seventy-four students aged 18 to 25 from the Dentistry Program of the College Technology and Science, Salvador campus were studied. Was held pictures of all the volunteers, standardized by the focal length and positioning perpendicular to the long axis of the objective. The two-dimensional tracings were made in AutoCAD 2016 software to standardize the PES/WES. The tabulated data in Microsoft Office Excel 2016 software were submitted to statistical analysis in the non-parametric test χ2 (chi-square) of βiostat 5.3 software with 5% significance level. Results: The mean values were 7.53 ± 1.27 for PES; WES 8.13 ± 0.94 and mean total score 15.7 ± 1.8, classified as satisfactory esthetic overall outcome. Conclusion: The PES/WES is valid, however rigorous, and its maximum score is not observed in healthy individuals (natural dentition); The WES is more prevalent than PES in healthy individual. Clinical Implications: No study has collected PES/WES data on natural dentition of young adults, the data collected in study may provide an important benchmark for clinicians and educators to compare PES and WES scores on single tooth esthetic implant restorations to that found on natural dentition of young adults.