Journal of Thyroid Disorders & Therapy

Journal of Thyroid Disorders & Therapy
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ISSN: 2167-7948


Differentiated Thyroid Cancer in Children: The Contribution of Radioiodine Therapy

Aida Mhiri, Intidhar Elbez, Ihsen Slim and Mohamed Faouzi Ben Slimène

Differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) is rare in children but has a relatively good prognosis. We report 10 pediatric thyroid carcinomas, addressed to our department for additional radioiodine therapy. Lung metastases were detected in all of them by the post therapeutic Iodine131-Whole body scan. Also, all of them under went serum thyroglobulin, chest radiography and / or cervico-thoracic computed tomography (CT). Therapeutic efficacy was observed in the all cases after radioiodine treatment. According to our results, we recommend iodine therapy for remnant ablation or residual disease for most children with DTC and a long-term follow-up because disease can recur decades after initial diagnosis and therapy.