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Determining the Vulnerability Factors, Lures and Recruitment Methodsused to Entrap American Children into Sex Trafficking

Katariina Rosenblatt

This article aims at gaining insight into the lives of human trafficking victims in the United States and, more specifically, female domestic minor victims of sex trafficking. Understanding how family dynamics and the breakdown of the American family have created vulnerabilities in victims to being lured into the life of domestic minor sex trafficking in America is an important research study. Through the historical case study research here, survivors Stories and tragedies will come to life. In this study, an examination was made to understand what particular lure became effectively used to exploit the child through sex trafficking and what tactics or recruitment methods traffickers used, as well as the pimp characteristics that led to trust in the trafficker. Prior exposure to poverty, abuse in the home, exposure to drugs and alcohol, and basic needs for love and affection, food, clothing, shelter and security are all contributing factors to susceptibility, the very vulnerabilities that become preyed upon by human traffickers. This study provides insight as to how traffickers use the weaknesses and mirror needs not presently available in the child’s life like parenting, romantic or home-like family relationships (thus creating the trafficking bond and pseudo family) to create the trust gained by the child. By examining how the breakdown of the family, bonds, and lack of appropriate coping and conflict resolution skills have left the child open to, and predisposed to, becoming lured into the life of sex trafficking we will prevent future trafficking of Americans. By providing this valuable insight gained in using the qualitative study research, we will be examining real life historical case studies of survivors and see the effect of trafficking on American children and the potential impact on our whole social system.