Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Determination of Hydrodynamic Regime of the Reactor Alkylation of Olefins with Paraffin in the Modified Zeolite Catalyst OMNICAT-210P

Khazangul Piriyeva B, Zulfiyya Ismailova R, Azer Gasimov A, Ulviyya Karimova Japharova N, Sevinj Hajizadeh M, Tunzala Aghayeva F and Rasim Japharov P

Calculations for determination of the thermal and diffusive value of Peclet?s criteria for establishment of the hydrodynamic mode of the reactor alkylation of hydrocarbons containing in gases of catalytic cracking, over industrial zeolite catalyst (OMNICAT-210P). It has been established that internal diffusion of reagents proceeds much faster than chemical reaction. From which it follows that the chemical reaction is not broken by the speed of diffusion of hydrocarbon into inside of grains of the catalyst. There have been given values of the activation energy and rate constant pre-exponential factors of the principal reactions that occur during the alkylation of hydrocarbons contained in gases of catalytic cracking.