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ISSN: 2319–7293


Determination of Corrosion Rate and Remaining Life of Pressure Vessel using Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Technique

Alexander Nana Kwesi Agyenim-Boateng, Dr. C.P.K Dagadu, Albert Attorbrah Tikwa, Daniel Kwesi Awuvey, Emmanuel Y. Amoakohene& Edward Kwaasi

Pressure vessels suffer a loss of mass and strength when corrosion occurs. Sound integrity of these vessels is a major factor in the oil and gas industry and Corrosion is one key component that affects the durability of such equipment.Ultrasonic thickness measuring instrument is used to accurately obtain the thickness measurement of these vessels to establish its corrosion rate and remaining life. These parameters are considered as part of the prediction and rejection criteria used to ascertain the life span and usage worthiness of LPG vessels. The outcome of the research work suggests that, the remaining life of LPG vessel cannot be safely and accurately be predicted with the short-term corrosion rate unless its year on year corrosion rate is uniform