Acute and Chronic Disease Reports

Acute and Chronic Disease Reports
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Determinants of Hypertension Among Patients in Bale Zone, Southeast Ethiopia: A Case Control Study

Zenebe Minda, Bikila Lencha, Debebe Wordofa and Feyissa Lemessa

Background: Hypertension is a chronic disease in which the prevalence has been steadily increasing in Ethiopia.
Objective: To examine determinants of Hypertension among patients in Bale Zone, Southeast, Ethiopia, 2016.
Methods: Institutional based case control study design was conducted in four public Hospitals, of Bale Zone from November to February 2017. The sample size was 492 (164 cases and 328 controls). Using simple random sampling technique cases and controls were selected. The data was checked, entered and analyzed using statistical package for social science (SPSS) vervion 21.0.
Result: The finding of this study indicated that the most significantly risk factors of Hypertension were; present history of alcohol use were (AOR 1.26, 95% CI 1.08-2.23); having past history of cigarette smoke were 2 times (AOR 2.06, 95% CI 0.93-3.44); those Body Mass Index was categorized in overweight were 5 times (AOR 5.20, 95 CI 3.63-11.54) more likely to be hypertensive than controls.
Conclusion and recommendation: The identified determinants of the past or present risk factors; overweight, alcohol use, smoking cigarette are clinically significant on Hypertension patients. Therefore, Quitting alcohol use and smoking cigarette as well as controlling Body Mass Index should be a focus on prevention and control program of Hypertension via creating proper awareness and advocacy.