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Determinants Affecting Vietnamese Laborers Decision to Work in Enterprises in Taiwan

Thanh-Tuyen, Tran and Nhu-Ty Nguyen

The developed countries like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Middle East have been considered as new emerging labour export markets of Vietnam since the late 20th-century. There are many reasons for Vietnamese citizen to choose and go abroad for working and earn the living. Thus, this study aims to explore factors influence on Vietnamese laborers’ decision of working in Taiwan. To obtain the objectives, the authors have drawn out a theoretical framework, and questionnaire was designed based on the real context of working environment of Vietnamese workers in Taiwanese factories. The data were collected in Taipei and Kaohsiung and carried out by using multiple statistical analyses, including: exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis, mean point value, and multiple linear regressions. One of the important results shows that the most significant factors affecting Vietnamese migrant’s decision to work in Taiwan were individual capacity, impacts from family, and financial reasons. Through this study, the researchers hopes to provide useful findings for policy makers and government who have responsible for protecting migrant workers’ rights and for anyone who cares about positive and negative sides of working abroad.