Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Designing and Development of Prototype Hover Bike

B.Lokesh, Chava Navyasree and Dr.E.Madhusudhan

Our Hover Bike project is a flying motorized machine. It flies with two mini helicopter blades in the front and back. It will look a lot like a chopper. It will have propellers to hover, but it will also be able to have wheels, if wanted. First Hoverbike prototype is a bi-copter. The vehicle is controlled by deflecting thrust from its two propellers using control vanes – these are a bit like rudders or ailerons on a plane. Our Hover Bike will be based on present motorcycle technology. We will use the chopper as the basis for our Hover Bike. Current motorcycles have two wheels. Our Hover Bike will change that because it will have thrusters to hover, but it will be able to also change back to having tires.