Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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ISSN: 2157-7048



Design and Development of Packed Bed Electrochemical Reactors (PBERs) Using Scrap Lead Dioxide as Novel Electrodes

Sananth H Menon, Mohamed Sadhik A, Shaneeth M, Raghu R, Jojo Mathew and Madhu G

The present work focuses on the effective utilization of discarded Lead dioxide particles as particulate electrodes in a carefully designed packed bed electrolyser. It is known that particulate electrodes provide a large electrode area in proportion to conventional flat electrode configuration. Consequently, this packed bed electrolyser, will be exceptionally useful when dealing with slow reactions. This design entirely avoids the necessity of expensive valve metals as substrates and associated noble metal oxide undercoating. In the present study, an optimized design of a packed bed electrochemical reactor setup using peeled off electro deposited Lead dioxide particles was carried out. The above electrolyser was used for studying its effectiveness in the electrochemical oxidation of Sodium Chlorate to Sodium Perchlorate, which is the starting raw material for the manufacture of rocket propellant oxidizers. Effect of certain parameters like electrolyte flow rates, current density and thickness in the desired current efficiencies for the formation of perchlorates were estimated. Results indicate that this electrolyser proves to be a potential method for improving the reaction rates of slow reactions like perchlorate formation, utilizing cheaper discarded Lead dioxide particles.