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Cysts of the Second Branchial Cleft: Case Report and Surgical Notes

R. Ciuni, M. Figuera, C. Spataro, S. Nicosia, A. Biondi, F. Basile and S. Ciuni

Branchial cysts are the most frequent both congenital abnormalities and cysts in the neck. We present the case of an adult man who come to the clinical observation after the sudden onset of swelling of 14 cm at the II LEVEL A, without general symptoms. Clinically, the lesion presented with smooth margins, well-defined limits, tense-elastic, non-tender upon palpation nor spontaneously, moving on planes both above and below. The U. S. CT and MR study confirmed the cystic nature of the lesion (may be a lymphangioma). After its removal histological examination diagnosed an infection of the branchialarch cysts