Current Protocols for Endodontic Retreatment: A Review | Abstract
Journal of Odontology

Journal of Odontology
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Current Protocols for Endodontic Retreatment: A Review

Cordeiro KF, Silva DF, Filho IDJ and Castro FPL

Introduction: Endodontic retraction is a procedure performed on a tooth that received an earlier attempt at a definitive treatment that resulted in a condition requiring additional new endodontic treatment to achieve a successful outcome. The main cause of treatment failure is insufficient cleaning and inadequate obturation.
Objective: To evaluate, through a literature review, the endodontic retreatments with rotary and mechanical files, which is the best efficacy.
Methods: Experimental and clinical studies were included (case reports, retrospective, prospective and randomized trials) with qualitative and quantitative analysis. The words were included “Endodontic Retreatments” and “Endodontic Treatments."
Conclusion: With recent technological advances in the area of endodontics, behind the literary reviews we can affirm that the system of instrumentation of the root canals with rotating files maintains the quality of the root preparation.