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Critical Success Factors In Competent & Productive Project Management

Harshlata .S. Rewaskar & Dinesh .K. Shukla

The process of project implementation, involving the successful development and introduction of projects in the organization, presents an ongoing challenge for managers. The project implementation process is complex, usually requiring simultaneous attention to a wide variety of human, budgetary, and technical variables. As a result, the organizational project manager is faced with a difficult job characterized by role overload, frenetic activity, fragmentation, and superficiality. Often the typical project manager has responsibility for successful project outcomes without sufficient power, budget, or people to handle all of the elements essential for project success. Ln addition, projects are often initiated in the context of a turbulent, unpredictable, and dynamic environment. Consequently, the project manager would be well served by more information about those ' specific factors critical to project success. The project manager requires the necessary tools to help him or her focus attention on important areas and set differential priorities across different project elements. If it can be demonstrated that a set of factors under the project manager's control can have a significant impact on project implementation success, the project manager will be better able to effectively deal with the many demands created by his job, channeling his energy more efficiently in attempting to successfully implement the project under development.