Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Construction of a Vertical Axis Sail Windmill for Pumping Water for Irrigation Purposes in Ghana

K. Agbezudo & S.K. Amedorme

Wind pumping in many instances represents the most effective and economic alternative in areas where other forms of energy are difficult or expensive to obtain. In a developing country like Ghana there exists many opportunities for which wind power can be used effectively and economically to pump water. This paper highlights the construction of a sail windmill with a view to converting the kinetic energy of the wind into reciprocating or rotating motion at the end of the handle of a hand pump which is to be used for pumping underground water from a hand-dug well or bore hole and where possible to generate some amount of electrical power. The technical and economic problems encountered in the construction and steps taken to solve these have been reported. The present construction which has a mechanism that enables the mill to work at very low wind speeds is also capable of delivering a high starting torque. The windmill was locally made using the local materials, skills and tools. The durability and reliability of the windmill was ensured by using quality and chemical-resistant materials.