Journal of Perioperative & Critical Intensive Care Nursing

Journal of Perioperative & Critical Intensive Care Nursing
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ISSN: 2471-9870



Constructing Recognition of the Others State of Surrendering - A Grounded Theory

Andreas Liebenhagen and Anna Forsberg

Objective: The intraoperative setting is a complex environment, where nurse anaesthetists’ are required to handle an intense flow of information. Apart from intraoperative time constraints and pressure to perform, little is known about nurse anesthetists’ concerns prior to administering anaesthesia. Therefore, the aim of this study is to answer the key questions; what are nurse anaesthetists’ main concerns prior to and during anaesthesia induction and how do they cope with them?

Methods: Constructivist grounded theory was used to illuminate the context and specific conditions under which the informants performed anaesthesia nursing. Fifteen nurse anaesthetists were interviewed using an open-ended method.

Results: The common denominator for the informants was their active efforts to construct grounds for recognition of the other’s state of surrendering associated with anaesthesia induction. The core category; constructing recognition of the Other’s state of surrendering, is supported by three main categories; Creating a trusting relationship, Working with the technology and Establishing recognition.

Conclusion: The act of recognition highlights the healthcare organisation’s obligation to provide sufficient time for the ethical practice of anaesthesia, which presupposes awareness on the part of anaesthesia staff of their own professional approach.