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Journal of Alcoholism & Drug Dependence
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Concept Analysis: Intention to Drugs Avoidance in Adolescents

Pichet Suwanchinda, Wandee Suttharangsee and Vineekarn Kongsuwan

Intention to avoid drugs is a concept which at the same time is ambiguous and vague in regards to narcotic nursing especially in adolescents’. The study aimed to analyze the concepts of intentions to avoid drugs, and to clarify definitions, descriptions, terminology and the boundaries of the concepts by using the conceptual analysis of Walker and Avant 2005. Determining the purpose of the analysis to identify the use of searchable concepts, defining the attributes of the concept, identifying sample cases, correlating and contrasting cases, identifying pre and post effects and the determination can be used in developing a tool. Result: In the concept analysis of intention to avoid drugs, the definition of intention to avoid drugs are three attributes: (1) self-control and motivation to stay away from drugs and not take drugs, (2) commitment to stay away from drugs and not taken drugs even in difficult situations, and (3) willingness to stay away from drugs and not taken drugs. Conclusion: The characterize of intentions of avoiding drugs are three attributes: the motivation to avoid drugs, commitment to avoiding drugs even in difficult situations and the willingness to avoid drugs. The attributes found in this study could be used to develop tools to measure the outcomes of research and development.