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Computed Tomography Findings of Small Bowel Obstruction due to Bezoar Impaction: A Case Series

Guiping Xu and Youmin Guo

Background: This study presents computed tomography (CT) findings of small bowel obstruction due to bezoar impaction.

Methods: CT scans of four patients (two males and two females with an age range of 49 to 86 years) diagnosed with small bowel obstruction due to bezoars were reviewed.

Results: In this patient series, two diospyrobezoars and two bezoars were detected. Typical bezoar findings demonstrated an intraluminal ovoid or round mottled-appearing mass with soft-tissue density containing air in its interstices. Diospyrobezoars were intraluminal calcified masses with or without a typical mottled gas pattern in the jejunum.

Conclusion: Multiple-slice CT effectively aids the diagnosis of small bowel obstruction due to bezoar impaction before surgery.