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Computational Analysis of Flow Behaviour in Curved Section of the Serpentine Intake

P Anand, D Lakshmanan & R Saravanan

The purpose of this project is to understand the flow deflection in the curved section of the serpentine intake using CFD analysis. Serpentine intake is the new generation intake used to increase the stealth property of an aircraft. It is used to eliminate the moving parts in the jet engine intake. Varying the shape of the inlet duct reduces the weight. Normally intake spikes are used to produce shock hence increase the pressure of the incoming flow. In serpentine intake there is no need of spike to reflect the flow. It consists of two curved sections in its body and deflects the flow which forms shock thus it reduces the velocity of the incoming flow. By varying the curvature ratio between the sections of the serpentine intake we can achieve significant pressure change due to the changes in the deflection angle of the flow.