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Comparative Study of Composted and Uncomposted Digestates, Chicken Manure and Cow Dung as Fertilizers and Their Effects On Soil Properties

E. Afriyie, E. Mensah & C. R. Lohri

Digestate was developed from domestic municipal organic waste as an effort to control or manage waste problems and also provide alternate source of fertilizer for farmers to improve soil fertility. The digestate was composted using three methods namely windrow, co-composting and vermi-composting. The digestates were compared with chicken manure and cow dung in an application on soil. Soil parameters including N, P, K and CEC needed for plant growth were determined. The final soil analysis showed varied improvements in N, P, K and CEC. The vermi compost treatment showed the best soil improvement treatment in terms of soil N (0.18 % and 0.21 % for 0-15 cm and 15-30 cm soil depths respectively), both K and CEC in the 15-30 cm soil depth (0.63 cmol/kg and 13.74 cmol/kg respectively) and second best for both P and CEC in the top 15 cm soil depth (0.083 cmol/kg and 9.34 cmol/kg respectively).