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Comparative Modeling and Analysis of 3-D Structure of EMV2, a Late Embryogenesis Abundant Protein of Vigna Radiata (Wilczek)

Subramanian Rajesh, Muthurajan Raveendran and Ayyanar Manickam

LEA proteins are ubiquitous among photosynthetic organisms and have been reported in mono and dicot plants as well as in nematodes, yeast, bacteria and cyanobacteria. EMV2 is a Group 1 LEA protein isolated fromVigna radiata, which is speculated to impart desiccation tolerance in plants. The homology model of this protein was generated by using the LOOPP software based on available structural homologues in protein databases. The final model obtained by molecular mechanics and dynamics method was assessed by PROCHECK that showed that the final refined model is reliable. The model could prove useful in further functional characterization of this protein.