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Comparative Analysis of Performance Characteristics of CI Engine with and without HHO Gas (Brown Gas)

Ghulam Abbas Gohar

Internal combustion engine is used in daily life activity. Fossil fuels are primary fuels which are used in IC engines because of increasing consumption day by day its alarming that these will deplete in near future. Researchers in field of inter combustion trying to use alternate fuels to fulfill energy demand of IC engine. Among the others, hydrogen is capturing attention as alternate fuel in engine for proper combustion without smoke as there is no carbon is present in it. In this article, hydroxy (HHO) gas has many excellent combustion properties that can be used for improving performance characteristics of diesel-fired Compression Ignition (CI) engines. Brown gas (HHO) was produced by using the electrolysis process with KOH (aq) as catalyst with stainless steel electrodes in a leak proof plexiglass reactor was presented in ongoing piece of writing.

Published Date: 2020-08-25;