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Journal of Ergonomics
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Cognitive and Attention Based Differential of Falls among Elderly in Two Elderly Homes in Cengkareng Sub District, West Jakarta, 2012

Poerwanto Siswo, Noraeni Arsyad, Imam Waluyo, Arsyad Subu M and Inswiasri D Susilowati

In 2020, the number of old population in Indonesia will be 28.8 million that will make Indonesia ranked ten in the world to have elderly population. The WHO shows that around 30% of elderly older than 65 falls annually, and between 20% and 30% suffers from injury and increased risk of early death. In Indonesia there is no data on the prevalence and incidence of fall among the elderly, neither its association with cognitive and attention. This study is aimed at analyzing the difference of fall history among elderly due to cognitive and attention factors in two Elderly Homes in West Jakarta city. Descriptive analysis was done. Two instruments of cognitive assessment was used, i.e., MMSE and MoCa. The analysis is aimed at testing the possible association between cognitive and attention and the history of fall among the elderly. Chi-square test was used to see the association. Results of study showed the mean (95% CI) of the following variables: Age in the two locations was 69.6 (68.2, 71.0); fall history: 2.8 times per year (2.1,3.6); MMSE score: 19.5 (17.9, 21.1); MoCA score: 13.6 (11.9, 15.2); attention score: 3.9 (3.4,4.4). Proportion of fall in Pusaka 41 was 24%, whereas in PSTW UM was 58%, (p<0.05). The frequency of fall >1 was more frequent in PSTW UM (36%) than in Pusaka 41 (14%). The history of fall due to attention problem was significantly different (p=0.022), in which more frequent fall was observed amongst those with clinical problem than those who was normal. The history of falls regardless of causes among the two elderly groups was significant (p<0.05). To reduce the incidence of fall among elderly in nursing homes, physical exercise is recommended to enhance physical fitness and slowing down the deterioration of cognitive and attention functions.