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ISSN: 2319–7293


Cloud Based Storage Scheme For Indirect Mutual Trust And Outsourcing Dynamic Data

D.Siva & R.Mohanavalli Krithika

Presently, the huge amount of perceptive data produced by numerous organizations is outpacing their storage ability. A data owner pays for a desired level of security and must get some compensation in case of any misbehavior committed by the CSP. Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) offered by cloud service providers (CSPs) is a paid facility that enables organizations to outsource their data to be stored on remote servers. Thus, SaaS reduces the maintenance cost and moderate the burden of large local data storage at the organization’s end. In this paper, we propose a cloud-based storage method that allows the data owner to benefit from the facilities offered by the CSP and enables indirect mutual trust between them. The proposed scheme has four significant features: First one, it allows the owner to outsource perceptive data to a CSP, and perform full block-level dynamic operations on the outsourced data, i.e., block modification, insertion, deletion, and append. Second one, it ensures that authorized users (i.e., those who have the right to access the owner’s file) receive the recent version of the data outsourced. Next one, it enables indirect mutual trust between the owner and the CSP. Last one, it allows the owner to grant or revoke access to the data outsourced. We discuss the security issues of the proposed scheme. Besides, we justify its performance through hypothetical analysis, prototype implementation and evaluation of storage, communication, and computation overheads towards the cloud computing environment.