Journal of Depression and Anxiety

Journal of Depression and Anxiety
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Clinical Predictors and Biomarkers of Suicide Attempts in Patients Registered Under the Suicide Risk Protocol: The CODIRISC Project

Diego Palao, Natalia Gómez, Maria Montoro, Martín Guinovart, Parra Isabel, Annabel Cebrià, Eva Aguilar, Igor Merodio, Clara López-Solà, Antonio Armario, Roser Nadal, Raul Andero, Jordi Ortiz, Jesús Giraldo, Victor Perez, Jordi Alonso, Narcís Cardoner and CODIRISC group

Background: Suicide is the leading cause of violent death. In 2014, the Catalan Ministry of Health launched a Suicide Risk Protocol, an intervention programme targeting individuals at high risk of suicide. Since 2016 the protocol has covered the whole of Catalonia (Spain).

Objectives: To identify clinical, demographic, neuropsychological and biological factors and stress responses (Psychoneuroendocrine, inflammatory, genetic and neuroimaging markers) associated with suicide attempts.

Method: Analysis of clinical sub-cohorts from a sample of patients registered under the Suicide Risk Protocol (n=900). All participants will undergo clinical assessment (neuropsychological and biomarkers) and be followed up over 18 months. Patients who repeat a suicide attempt will be compared with two groups: patients with a single suicide attempt and healthy controls with no history of attempted suicide.

Discussion and conclusion: The CODIRISC project will also carry out a functional neuroimaging study as proof of concept, thus enabling biological and clinical changes to be correlated with the neuroimaging findings. The resulting model will therefore be both coherent and have predictive capacity.