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Journal of Research and Development
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Climate Change and Developing Countries: Issues and Policy Implication

Salisu A. Maikasuwa

This paper proceeds from the assumption that climate change has both natural and human (that is , anthropogenic) causes. It argues that the interaction of these two major sources are inextricable. It also notes that although more than eighty percent of the human causes of adverse climate change are attributed to de velopment activities undertaken by the advanced industrial nations, almost eighty five percent of the negative consequences of climate change are pitiably borne by the developing countries of the world. It points to the looming pre - eminence of neo - liberal development perspective as lying at the roots of the rapidly degenerating integrity of the planet earth. The paper therefore locates the solution to this menace in autonomous development strategies, which are environment friendly. This demands proactive policy measures which are synergetic - that is, in addition to global and regional networks, an inter - ministry , inter - agency and inter - departmental approach, since the phenomenon of climate change is sectorally cross cutting.