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Chinese Herbal Medicine Warehouse Management and Control Integration System Design

Zhang Ke-wei, Fan Hong-yan and Dou Xin-xin

Chinese herbal medicine is the quintessence of the Chinese nation. However, Chinese herbal medicine processing, warehousing, distribution mode is relatively backward. Lack of appropriate industry standards, cause its quality and safety is a great hidden danger. The development of Chinese herbal medicine logistics is also in urgent need to follow the pace of the times, to meet the growing needs of the people. Storage is a very important part of the Chinese herbal medicine, a reasonable and appropriate storage can make the value and efficacy of medicinal materials are well preserved. Information management system, equipment automatic control system and operation safety monitoring system integrated storage management and control integrated system,Based on shared information,the storage efficiency of Chinese medicinal materials is improved, and it provides the basis for the information tracing system of Chinese herbal medicine. system