Chemotherapy a Last Resort for Cancer Treatment | Abstract
Chemotherapy: Open Access

Chemotherapy: Open Access
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Chemotherapy a Last Resort for Cancer Treatment

Alireza Heidari

Chemotherapy deals with various types of therapeutic techniques such as antimicrobial chemotherapies, gynecological cancers, squamous cell carcinoma, tumorigenesis, chemo resistance, radiotherapy, electro chemotherapy used to treat several dreadful diseases. Imatinib and Nilotinib resistant gene identified in the chronic myeloid leukemia patient. Authors H Cheng et al. found a new mutation N796S in the BCR (exon 10) domain with T315I and F359V mutations, it was evaluated by the next generation exon sequencing technique. The change imposed by mutations was evaluated by measurement of hematologic, cytogenetic and molecular responses. Many studies exerted to explore the function of this new mutation N796S, is unknown and hence study suggests further to be explored in TKIs resistance [1].