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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Checkpointing Based Fault Tolerant Job Scheduling System for Computational Grid

Mangesh Balpande and Urmila Shrawankar

A computational grid environment, due to its heterogeneous, autonomous and dynamic nature is prone to different kinds of faults which may lead to delay in completion of job or even execution of job from starting point. Checkpointing mechanism plays a vital role for making grid more reliable, cost effective and efficient. In this paper, we have proposed schemes based on system checkpointing and application checkpointing. Their performance comparison is done based on the empirical study. The ABSC scheme is suitable for the applications where computations are not intense. But for computationally intense applications where reliability is more important ABAC scheme is more suitable. But this scheme may produce slight overheads in fault free situations and very reliable in faulty situations.