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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Characterization and Effects of Scale Formation on Heat Transfer System of Multiple-Effect Evaporator Units in Cane Sugar Industry

Ataklti Kahsay and Nigus Gabbiye

Characterization and Effects of Scale formation on Heat transfer system of Multiple-effect evaporator units in Cane sugar industry” is the title of my thesis work, the study has been conducted characterization of scale formation by collected scale samples from Wonji-Shoa Sugar Factory and characterized chemically to determine its composition and the scale was resulted 2604.70 mg/l composed of CaSO4 in the fourth body evaporator and 2860.66 mg/l in the fifth effect evaporators and minor amounts have been recorded in the other three effects. Additionally, process water has been characterized for their composition and pH which shows that process water is within a normal hardness and pH range. But the juice was abnormally high when compared to world average of 1.5% CaO % in juice. Therefore, the main cause of heat transferring units scaling in the plant was the CaSO4 content of the juice. To overcome this problem, Selecting of the best quality of calcium compound and treating the juice with H2SO4 and heat is the best technology. Energy and material balance for a five-effect evaporator was performed in the multiple effect evaporators; Temperature, vapor flow rate, Liquid flow rate, pressure bleeding, composition and other process variables have been determined by developed a set of non-linear equations derived from the mass and energy balance relations. These equations are then solved using the Newton-Raphson method by developing a mat lab code