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CFD Analysis of Controllable Pitch Propeller used in Marine Vehicle

Aditya Kolakoti ,T.V.K.Bhanuprakash & H.N.Das

For moving ahead ship needs thrust, which is generated by rotating propeller behind its hull. A controllable pitch propeller can adjust incidence of incoming flow and can offer better control over the thrust generated by it. Traditionally thrust and torque of a propeller, is predicted by model test. This takes more time, manpower, space and cost. In present time CFD is getting popular for hydrodynamic designs as it give relative saving in time, manpower, space and cost. In order to simulate the flow around a rotating propeller and ship, a computational domain is created surrounding the propeller and ship. Boundary conditions are set to simulate the actual condition. Mesh is generated in the domain and finally flow solution is obtained. The flow analysis of propeller behind the ship hull will be carried out in three stages. 1. CFD analysis of Bare Hull of a ship. 2.Open water analysis of propeller 3.Flow characteristics of propeller when attached behind the same ship hull. FLUENT®, was used for CFD analysis and for modeling and meshing the packages used are CATIA – V5® and ICEMCFD® respectively.