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Caesarean Hysterectomy: Here to Stay…..or a Thing of the Past?

Ali Nakash and Manal Nasih A Hamdan

In this review article we are reflecting on the subject of caesarean hysterectomy. The importance of this operation comes from the fact that postpartum bleeding remains number one killer of pregnant women in large parts of the world. One of the most difficult decisions an obstetrician has to make is when he/she decides to go for caesarean hysterectomy. As we will know from the article below the procedure itself is not free of risk, in fact there is high incidence of different morbidities in addition to the fact that most of these patients are haemodynamic ally unstable and very high anaesthetic risk. We hope that the future can bring about many improvements in the effectiveness of current management techniques which would lead to a much reduced need to the more drastic measures like caesarean hysterectomy.