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Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
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Uría González-Tova Juan

In order to be updated with the latest improvements in the field of molecular biology and because of the huge amount of available information and the multiple sources, we have tried to develop a tool with the objective of joining and organizing the published knowledge about basic research on Urology, mainly in regards to bladder, prostate, kidney and testicular tumors.


Material and Methods
We have developed a search engine, with automated daily updates. This engine show the obtained results organized into genomics, proteomics, metabolic pathways, pharmacogenomics, drugs developments, clinical trials and pubmed references.
This idea is one of the final projects for the 2º MS con Bioinformatics for Health Sciences, organized by Pompeu i Fabra University (UPF) and Barcelona University (UB).
Our main reference has been the OMIM database (NCBI) where are published the relationships between genes and human diseases. Using its public web services in a programmatic way, it is possible to get the reference identifications and to use these to look for further information in multiple related databases.
These results are saved into a local database and the information is showed in a structured and navigable way, related to the original sources. We also offer the possibility of subscribing to an Alerts Newsgroup in order to receive and automated email with each new entry. All these information is also available through a set of public web services.

We think, we have been able to join in a web site, and in an easy using way, the main information about molecular mechanisms involved in the oncogenesis of urinary bladder, prostate, kidney and testis. We also offer an alerts newsgroup and a complete set of public web services.

We try to offer a tool to help and make easy to general urologists keep an up-to-date state of the art about the mechanisms of molecular biology in oncological Urology, because we are sure that these are going to be the definitive therapeutic targets of these tumors.