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Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics
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Biosensor Based Protein Profiling on Reverse Phase Serum Microarray

Ronald Sjöberg, Lennart Hammarström and Peter Nilsson

The reverse phase serum microarray format enables multi-parallel and simultaneous analysis of literally thousands of samples, a feature which is of uttermost importance for protein profiling of clinical samples. We have here screened 2400 serum samples for their potential IgA deficiency by using a fluorescence based reverse phase serum microarray platform and a biosensor based label-free microarray platform for verification and also compared our microarray-results to clinical routine ELISA. We have been able to identify possible IgA-deficiencies and to show the suitability of our microarray-platforms for large-scale screening of clinical serum samples. The two microarray methods show reproducibility and correlation towards each other and low variation between replicates within each platform. Both of the microarray platforms show less agreement towards ELISA. The fluorescence based microarray method has been shown to be applicable for large-scale screening of clinically important serum samples for detection of possibly IgA-deficient patients. Furthermore, it was found that the microarray based biosensor method could be used for determining the relative differences in concentration of IgA between the samples.