Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Biodiesel from Household/Restaurant Waste Cooking Oil (WCO)

Owolabi R U, Osiyemi N A, Amosa M K and Ojewumi M E

The use of waste cooking oil (WCO) from extended household and restaurants was considered as a suitable feedstock for biodiesel production in this paper. The paper also focuses to showcase the qualities of biodiesel produced from WCO compared to that of other virgin oil. The oil that was supposed to be disposed, at times indiscriminately was de-odoured and purified using appropriate solvents. The purified oil was characterized and used for biodiesel production. The physical and fuel properties such as density, viscosity, cloud point, pour point, cetane number etc were determined according to ASTM standards. The properties obtained were not only comparable with that of others but also within standard limits.