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ISSN: 2319–7293


Based on the background of smart logistics Kiva warehouse robot Application analysis and prospect

Dou Xin-xin,Wang Xiao-ping,Zhang Ke-wei and LIU Shao-hua

With the proposed smart logistics concept, a global integrated intelligent technology application, the logistics system can imitate human intelligence research of boom is setting off ,with the purpose of realization of logistics and warehousing automation, visualization,control,intelligent,networked,so as to improve the resource utilization rate and the level of productivity and reduce the cost of logistics,warehousing Kiva robot arises at the historic moment. Intelligent warehousing achieves a preliminary automation management, but the large limitations of application,application effects poor, reliability low and other issues are urgently needed to solve these problems. This article launches the research in view of the above problems. Firstly, it analyzes the application status of the logistics industry of intelligent storage: then in view of the present situation of the kiva in the field advantage. Finally, in the form of case show concept of application and the prospect of its development.