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Attitude of Owners of Small-scale Industries towards the Lending Services of the State Bank of India in Tamilnadu–A Study

Selvaraj N and Balajikumar P

The small-scale industry is widely recognized as a powerful instrument for socio economic growth and balanced sectorial development. Considering the large employment level and backlog of creation of new jobs to provide employment to all able hands today, hopes are pined on the small-scale sector. A growing economy needs the support of a financial structure which is responsive to the needs of development. In India, in the process of financial deepening, commercial banks have to shoulder special responsibilities for meeting the financial needs of diverse sectors of the economy. There are many factors which influence the overall opinion of owners of SSI units on lending services of the banks. The level of satisfaction of SSI units towards lending policies of State Bank of India has been analyzed and the factors affecting the level of satisfaction have been studied with the help of chi-square test. On analysis it was found that factors such as educational qualification of SSI entrepreneurs and nature of industry were significant in relation to their level of opinion and all other selected independent variables were found to be independent of level of opinion of respondents in respect of services rendered by the selected bank.