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Medical & Surgical Urology
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Asymptomatic Multiple Bladder Stones Treated by Percutaneous Cystolitholapaxy

Rajendra Nerli, Vishal Kadeli, Shridhar C Ghagane, Neeraj Dixit and Murigendra B Hiremath

Bladder calculi in adults are common and occur as a result of bladder outlet obstruction. Though most of them are composed of calcium, in a few cases the stones may be composed of uric acid.We report on a 72 year old male who presented himself for a health check-up and incidentally was diagnosed to have multiple bladder calculi (85), the largest being 25 mm. Despite the large stone burden, the patient was managed by percutaneous cystolithotripsy. The composition of the stones was uric acid. The patient had a smooth post-operative period.