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Journal of Glycobiology
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Association between Pulse Wave Velocity and the Framingham Risk Score in Patients with different Glucose Metabolism Status

Qian Zhang, Qiang Fu, Chongrong Qiu, Ke Zhu and Peng Wei

Objective: To investigate the relationship between different glucose metabolism status and Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)and further explore the relationship between PWV, HOMA-IR and the Framingham risk score of 10-year (FRS).

Methods: 105 subjects were divided into three groups: normal glucose tolerance group (G1, n=47); pre-diabetes group (G2, n=32)and type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) group (G3, n=26)General clinical data and biochemical parameters of each subject were collected. PWV was measured using the Complior SP. FRS was calculated with the lipids excel spreadsheets from Framingham Heart Study homepage. The correlation of different glucose metabolism status, PWV and FRS were analyzed and compared.

Results: A positive correlation was found between carotid-to-femoral PWV (cf-PWV) and age, (Systolic Blood Pressure) SBP, 2-hr plasma glucose (2h PG). There is a direct connection between homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) and HOMA-IR (CP). FRS was difference among three groups. A correlation was found between FRS and cf-PWV, 2h PG, HOMA-IR (CP).

Conclusion: HOMA-IR (CP) and cf-PWV are positive correlation with FRS, which is a predictor of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Hence HOMA-IR (CP) and cf-PWV may have a good clinical value for indicating vascular structure and function and further evaluating the 10-year risk of CVD.