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Journal of Horticulture
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Assessment of Selected Heavy Metals in Onion Bulb and Onion Leaf (Allium cepa L.), in Selected Areas of Central Rift Valley of Oromia Region Ethiopia

Bedassa M, Abebaw A and Desalegn T

This study was conducted to determine the levels of heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cd, Fe, Cu, Zn, and Mn) in onion bulb and onion leaf around Mojo, Meki and Ziway areas to assess the concentrations of the heavy metals. The levels of the elements were determined using flame atomic absorption spectrometer. The concentrations of Cr in onion bulb and Fe in onion leaf were above the permissible level (2.3 mg/kg, 425.5 mg/kg) set by FAO/WHO at Mojo (4.87 mg/kg, 1090.40 mg/kg), Meki (4.13 mg/kg, 1836.47 mg/kg) and Ziway (3.33 mg/kg, 764.33 mg/kg) respectively. The results generally indicate that the consumption of these onion bulbs could be the health risk respective to Cr.