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Journal of Research and Development
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Assessment of Bone Mineral Density of Patient's with Thyroid Disorder using Computed Tomography

Marvet EI Eltyeb, Suhaib Alameen, Mohammed FN Hammad and Asma Alamin

Study of bone mineral density of patients with thyroid disorders was carried out in radiology department at Algazira state in Algazira Scan hospital, Wad Madani diagnostic advance, Shakrin diagnostic center and the patients sample was 100 patients whom investigation by CT scan and the results sows that the Osteoporosis was dominate in the female and Osteopenia almost same for male and female with frequency 11:10 respectively. The calcium score gives us a good value of the bone density and the relation between the calcium score and the patients gender, where the male governs the higher score start from 7-8 and the female concentrate at the medium and low scores 3-6. Comparing of means to calcium score between the male and female where the mean of male 5.70 was higher than the mean for female 6.56. The linear regression equation shows that the relation between the age and cerium was decrease with value 0.002 for each year. Recommended every patient with thyroid disorder may be undergo to CT scan examination to assess significant change in bone mineral density, every patient such as patients on high dose of steroid medication may need follow-up periodically by intervals of six months. CT scan modality should be introduced in the syllabus of the faculties of radiology and the post menopause female should takes estrogen to avoid decrease bone density.