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Are Kinematic and Kinetic Analyses Useful to Evaluate Patellofemoral Disorders in the Clinical Practice?

Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso, Erik Montesinos-Berry, José María Baydal-Bertomeu and David Garrido-Jaen

Current methods for the assessment of the outcome after anterior knee pain or lateral patellar instability treatment have several limitations, for example their subjectivity. Therefore, new technologies are needed to objectively evaluate the outcomes of treatments for patellofemoral disorders. Kinematic and kinetic analyses during dynamic activities under realistic loading conditions that trigger or aggravate the symptoms can: (1) evaluate the patellofemoral patient in an objective way before surgery; (2) analyse the defense mechanisms the patient develops in order to reduce pain and/or instability; (3) improve our knowledge of the aetiopathogeny and therefore of a suitable treatment for patellofemoral disorders; and (4) objectively evaluate the result of the treatment. However, the kinetic and kinematic analyses are not diagnostic tools.