Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293


Application of Six Sigma Technique for Quality and Safety Improvement in a Hot Rolling Industry

Dr A C Waghmare , Dr R H Parikh, P R Gajbhiye, S A Athavale, & S D Pal

Six sigma has emerged as one of the most effective business and quality improvement strategies. Big manufacturing companies and business giants like Motorola already chartered many success stories employing it. Small scale concerns are still not fetching the real benefits from the same. Much is available regarding its techniques but very fewer studies are reported regarding its implementation roadmap for small concerns. This paper is an attempt to introduce Six sigma to small scale sectors. The paper discusses real life case where six sigma has been successfully applied at one of the Indian small scale units to improve safety and quality in processes. The main aim behind this project lies to overcome those problems of the industries which are causing loss due to defective products and safety. For the purpose of this project we define engineering management as “concerned, effective and efficient management in engineering functions, systems and personnel. It therefore includes the issue of resourcing, process design, safety, deployment and improvement. In the context of this paper, therefore, engineering improvement has fundamentally a management focus covering all aspects of the way engineering work is done, rather than a narrow technical meaning “to be better engineered.”