Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Application of Multi-Objective Optimization by S and R* Optimal Combination Criteria to Determine the Freeze Drying Mode of Penaeus monodon

Nguyen Tan Dzung, Nguyen Quoc Dzung, Trinh Van Dzung and Le Xuan Hai

The establishment of the freeze drying mode of Penaeus monodon was based on the solution to multi-objective optimization problem. Experiments was carried out to set up the objective functions describing the influence of technological factors (temperature and pressure of freeze drying chamber, and time of freeze drying) to the freeze drying process. The restricted area method with R*(Z) optimal combination criterion was applied to solve the multiobjective optimization problem, determining the optimal technological mode of freeze drying process (correspondingly 33.96°C, 0.008 mmHg and 13.21h) in order that the objective functions reached the minimum value in terms of the finished product, including the energy consumption of 68.77 kWh/kg, the residual water content of 4.76%, the antirehydration capacity of 7.82%, the volume contraction of 8.82% and the loss of vitamin C of 1.91%.