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Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine
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Antineoplastic Activities of Functionalized [email protected] Nanomaterials via Targeting Tumor Vasculature

Xue Li, Mingming Zhen and Chunru Wang*

It is certain that tumor vasculature plays a crucial role in tumor growth and metastasis with unique physiological features. Up to date, rational design of tumor therapeutics targeting tumor blood vessels has become a consensus strategy. However, the current small molecular anti-vascular drugs are always accompanied by toxicity or side effects. It is still necessary to develop novel medication with high efficacy and low toxicity. Gadofullerene ([email protected]), a novel star material, has been exploited in many different biomedical fields after functionalized. Specially, the highly efficient antitumor effects of functionalized [email protected] were explored extensively by suppressing tumor angiogenesis or cutting off the existing tumor vasculature under radiofrequency (RF) irradiation. And studies demonstrated that no detectable toxicity was observed with functionalized [email protected] usage. This paper gives an overview of the antineoplastic activities of functionalized [email protected] nanomaterials via targeting tumor vasculature.

Published Date: 2019-05-15; Received Date: 2019-03-11