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Antibacterial Activity of Crab Shell Extracts Against Human Pathogenic Bacteria and Usage of New Drugs

Varadharajan D and Soundarapandian P

Fisheries are playing a key role in the changing profile of Indian economic growth. Export of processed and frozen crab products is the backbone of seafood export in India. The industrial processing of crab generates 1,354 tonnes of wastes every year and it largely exists in wastes from the processing of marine food products. The waste generated from the worldwide production and processing of shellfish is a serious problem of growing magnitude and is a threat to the environment. It is essential to convert crab shell waste into useful products such as chitin etc., by recycling and reducing the waste as well as contribute towards gainful employment and economic benefits. The active biomolecules such as chitin and its derivatives are undergoing a significant and very fast development in food application area. Due to recent outbreaks of contaminations associated with food products, there have been growing concerns regarding the negative environmental impact of packaging materials of antimicrobial biofilms. Chitin, since a high antimicrobial activity against a wide variety of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms. In the present study is aimed at recycling crab shell waste by using it for investigating the antibacterial activity against medically important pathogens.