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Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods
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Angiosarcomatoid Dermo-Hypodermic Lung and Cardiac Metastases from Malignant Breast Phyllodes Tumour

Caterina Di Bella, Francesco Ferrara, Marie Aimée Gloria Munezero Butorano, Damiana Tacchini, Costantino Voglino, Andrea Tirone and Ilaria Gaggelli

Introduction: Phyllodes tumours are rare neoplasms, representing less than 1% of all primary tumours of the breast.

Case report: We report the case of a woman who presented with a malignant phyllodes tumour of the breast, with an osteosarcomatous component. A year after surgery, a control thoracic CT scan revealed nodules in the lung. Shortly after, she also developed cardiac and dermo-hypodermic lesions, histologically characterized as angiosarcoma with an osteoclastic component.

Discussion: Malignant breast phyllodes tumour often metastasizes to the lungs, bones, liver and brain. To the best of our knowledge, there is only one case in literature that reports a cutaneous metastasis of phyllodes tumour under the form of an angiosarcoma, whilst, to date, no such myocardial involvement has been reported.